US Policy in the Middle East

As a proud citizen of the USA, who by the way, is not the least bit ashamed of its history or that of my own (with authentic native roots), I am disheartened that a productive and progressive solution cannot be agreed to by the primary stakeholders of the Middle East. I also feel there is no one to blame – overlooking any ad hominem attacks on “parties” as terrorists, insurrectionists/rebels, or plain trouble makers bent on preventing any plausible and implementable policy – since one side’s rebel is another side’s “patriot”, American diplomacy there is abjectly full of shortcomings. Nevertheless, we are committed to the defense of our allies, as both President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry have reiterated; yet humanity and justice decry retaliatory attacks that kill innocent civilians, including women and children. The Middle East is a cauldron of unresolved issues and I believe we should not commit military involvement until such time as we have a workable policy we can unquestioningly defend. This means that we may again be committing our children to years of military confrontations on foreign soils (and loss of their limbs/lives). What price, freedom?

PS: Robin Williams – May he rest in peace

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