Call me stupid…

From a historical perspective, it appears that “might makes right”. With regard to the decent peoples of the Ukraine and Russia whose ancestral struggles have cut-out contentious national boundaries, frontier inhabitants may view themselves as nationals of the neighboring country rather than nominal citizens of the “home” country. In contrast and by comparison, it did not serve Native Americans well to be autonomous “nations” living within the United States of America;  rather, it required a federal bureau to protect and defend the rights of Native Americans and later an administrative agency to minister to the needs of their health and welfare. The dissociation and recent demise of the Soviet Union has brought many deaths, sorrow, and increased hardship to former constituent and autonomous republics. The challenge of newly gained freedom and formulation of alliances will take concerted effort to effect before conditions return to normalcy. Hopefully, law and order restoring domestic tranquility will return soon. Good luck to everyone involved.

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